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A variety of items have been created for your convenience. Please do check back regularly as new files will continue to be added. Why the refresh?! Click play to learn more:

Click on buttons below to explore + download resources

Please review this document before beginning any new projects with Puente's refreshed logos.

These are high resolution vector files for your campus graphic designer, t-shirt vendor, etc. 

These are lower resolution logos with transparent backgrounds for easy application to flyers, websites, etc.  

Suggested complimentary font files to install on your computer.

You know the drill :) 

To bring refreshed Puente imaging to office computers or student computer lab machines. 

Phone wallpaper images for the biggest fans.

(Optimized for iPhone) 

BEFORE editing the slides, please go to

File > 'Make A Copy' > Entire Presentation

Customized Keynote Slide Templates

Coming Soon

Customized Powerpoint Slide Templates

Coming Soon

Sample and template recruitment flyers to help with filling your next cohort (more will be added soon)

Click to download a list of reliable vendors we have used to order shirts, bags, and other promo items


Use these files for new materials, recruitment flyers, etc.


Stress about updating 100% of your existing materials overnight.

As you see, we are still working on this too!

Do ask questions, offer suggestions, make requests, etc. Please contact

Did you miss the email with our latest quarterly community newsletter? Click the link below to read it :) 

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