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It is with great pleasure and pride that we present the recipients of the Puente Project Statewide Academic and Leadership Award. Out of 163 Puente high school seniors who applied statewide, 29 Puentistas are being recognized with this distinction. Congratulations to these scholars, and thank you to the counselors and teachers who encouraged so many to apply. ¡Sí se puede!

The Puente Project has been selected as the University of Chicago's 2021 Access Partner of the Year. Sherry Vernon, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions from the University of Chicago, shared Puente was selected due to the "incredible work that Puente does supporting underrepresented students".

We want to highlight the great direct work that Ade Melgoza, our former Counselor Training Coordinator, did in establishing and solidifying an amazing relationship with the University of Chicago. Her efforts and partnership do not go unnoticed. We will continue to foster this partnership with the University, which has brought great opportunities for our students and educators.

Congratulations to Jorge Luis Antonio Marquez Sanchez from Everett Alvarez High School! Our students make us so proud! Thank you to the wonderful educators at EAHS for providing a supportive and engaging environment for student success.

We wish Jorge the best at Harvard. Once a Puentista, Always a Puentista!

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