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We are so proud to share that Fresno State President, former Puentista and longtime Puente advocate, Dr. Joseph I Castro, has been selected as the new CSU Chancellor. He is the first CSU President appointed to lead the 23-campus system. We are so thrilled for him in his new role beginning January 2021.

“The California State University provides unprecedented and transformational opportunities for students from all backgrounds to earn a high-quality college degree and to better their families, their communities and the industries in which they become leaders. There is no other institution that makes this great of an impact on the entire state – the CSU is key to a growing and thriving California. I am truly grateful for and excited about this unique and wonderful opportunity.” - Dr. Castro.

Congratulations, Dr. Castro! Thank you for being an advocate for student needs and a dedicated leader in higher education. We applaud you!

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Jose Tañada

Ochoa Middle School

7th & 8th Grade

"Being a teacher has been my only so-called real job, and I've only known Anthony W. Ochoa Middle School. From sprained ankles and falls in competing with the kids on the blacktop, to the sweat of twenty-four Indian summers in the same air-condition-less room and from the tears of communal viewings of beloved films with my students, my blood, sweat and tears, I've left it at Ochoa.

Teaching young people the importance of reading and the power of writing never stops filling my cup. I am deeply honored to be considered Teacher of the Year, but I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the Puente Project, my Puente counselor, the camaraderie of the Ochoa staff and the years of friendship cultivated there and the spirit of Anthony Ochoa. Thank you for believing in me."

Congratulations to Mr. Tañada! The recognition is well deserved!

In July, the California Department of Education and State Supt. Tony Thurmond presented a month long series dedicated to Ethnic Studies. Among the guest speakers were Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber, Dolores Huerta, Karen Korematsu, Assemblymember Jose Medina and Assemblymember James Ramos. Puente Board Member, Cindy Quiralte, hosted the discussions.

We were so happy and proud to see Puente students from Desert Mirage High School share their reflections and engage with Ms. Dolores Huerta during the Q&A about her experiences, activism and advice.

Thank you CDE for organizing this!

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