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Dr. Joseph I. Castro, Fresno State President, is appointed to become new CSU Chancellor-select

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

We are so proud to share that Fresno State President, former Puentista and longtime Puente advocate, Dr. Joseph I Castro, has been selected as the new CSU Chancellor. He is the first CSU President appointed to lead the 23-campus system. We are so thrilled for him in his new role beginning January 2021.

“The California State University provides unprecedented and transformational opportunities for students from all backgrounds to earn a high-quality college degree and to better their families, their communities and the industries in which they become leaders. There is no other institution that makes this great of an impact on the entire state – the CSU is key to a growing and thriving California. I am truly grateful for and excited about this unique and wonderful opportunity.” - Dr. Castro.

Congratulations, Dr. Castro! Thank you for being an advocate for student needs and a dedicated leader in higher education. We applaud you!

Read the article here:

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