Puente Live on the Jackeline Cacho Show

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Much thanks to Josefina Canchola, Associate Director of Partnerships, for making this opportunity happen for Puente! Through the Jackeline Cacho's show, we were able to reach over 1,100 people to share about Puente's work and successes. A special thank you to Julia Vergara, Cindy Quiralte, Jordana Henry, Marisol Aviña, and Dr. Francisco Rodríguez who provided insights to our program from their important connections to Puente.

This event was sponsored by Ali Sahabi and his company, Optimum Seismic, who generously provided us with a $5,000 dollar donation. We are very appreciative of Ali’s philanthropic donation which will go towards student scholarships.

See the recording here.

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