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Counselor Resources


Thank you for ALL you do for our Puente scholars! Please remember to breathe, take care of yourselves, and reach out for support.

If you have resources you'd like to share, please send them to Nohemy Chavez at to add to this site!

To use these files, please go to:

File > 'Make A Copy' 

Click on buttons below to explore + download resources

Need new ice breakers? Help with event planning?  Find some oldies but goodies and new stuff to try out!

Curriculum to pair with our YouTube series

Get some new ideas to implement in your classrooms.

Includes websites to bookmark and use during counseling appointments! 

See samples of job descriptions to create a peer mentoring model. 

Strategies on engaging phase 3 students

Everything from sample interest forms to flyers to recruit your new cohort of Puentistas! 

Helpful documents when working with students without legal status. 

List of UC contacts and sample itineraries for university trips.

Do ask questions, offer suggestions, make requests, etc. Please contact

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